Felling of dangerous trees and replanting with a wood crane

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ArborEst OÜ is a Saaremaa company with long-term experience in its field, which meets all international safety requirements and standards. With the best technology and skillful working methods, we overcome even the most difficult challenges. At this stage of the business, Arborest OÜ no longer offers classic arboriculture and tree maintenance work, but we focus on mechanized services – mechanized logging, replanting, loader services. ArborEst’s area of operation is all over Estonia, but we are also ready to offer our service outside Estonia.

The activities of Arborest OÜ are covered by employment and civil liability insurance.


In our work we use the multifunction telescopic loader Manitou MRT2550 Privilege + which is a powerful and efficient tool! Its 360 ‘rotating tool allows you to do productive work instead of constantly repositioning and repositioning! The machine copes with hard compacted soil and stronger terrain with stronger soil, but swims under gravity in soft wet areas. ArborEst has adapted this machine to handle the most challenging tasks in its field, such as hazardous tree and storm logging and deforestation and timber operation / loading. For a year now, in addition to other services, the Optimal 1400 tree transplanter has been available. You can also undertake all loading and lifting work up to a maximum height of 4.99t and 25m.

Device weight 18900 kg + implement.

ArborEst is an importer of Timberwolf wood chippers.

More detailed product specifications and selection can be found on the Timberwolf Ltd website. Click the button to go to the Timberwolf Ltd website.


TW 230HB WOOD CHIPPER – petrol / diesel





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