Felling of dangerous trees

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Leave the felling of dangerous trees to ArborEst OÜ. Felling down dangerous trees is crucial to ensuring a safe environment, as large but weak trees in public spaces can endanger both pedestrians and the surrounding buildings. ArborEst fells dangerous trees thoughtfully and as mechanically as possible without mechanized felling.

Why is it important to fell dangerous trees?

Felling of dangerous trees often affects trees with a dangerous slope, damaged by a storm or a disease. As damaged trees can break and cause damage to the environment, timely felling of dangerous trees is crucial.

In most cases, the felling of dangerous trees is relevant in urban areas, where breaking trees can cause injuries or property damage, such as to buildings or electricity connections. As urban space has a major impact on the health of trees, shortening the life of the tree with the salts and sulphides used in winter, high levels of dust in dry weather and vibrations from heavy traffic, it is important to check the health of the trees regularly. Careful and safe felling must be carried out as soon as possible to prevent the tree from becoming dangerous.

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Leave the felling of dangerous trees to ArborEst OÜ

Felling dangerous trees with ArborEst is safe as all international safety requirements and standards are followed. In addition, they are professionals in their field who perform the work skillfully and with skilled work methods, thus ensuring an accurate result. The company has long-term experience in its field, offering the following services:

It is important to note here that the felling of dangerous trees in urban areas is only possible on the basis of a felling permit. Depending on the location, the felling permit can be applied for from the Environmental Board, for example, residents of Tallinn can also apply for the Tallinn e-service. As each settlement has its own procedures for issuing its own felling permit and maintenance permit, it is necessary to go to the appropriate officials to obtain the permit.

Felling down dangerous trees with the multifunction telescopic loader

Felling of dangerous trees is carried out with the ManitaouMRT2550 Privilege + multifunction telescopic loader, which has a 360 ° rotating working device, which ensures productive work
by constantly changing position. The machine is adapted for efficient handling of more confusing tasks, such as felling dangerous trees and storm cutting.

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Get in touch with ArborEst

If you need an expert assessment of the health of the tree or if the felling of dangerous trees is on the agenda, contact ArborEst. In addition, it is important to know that before felling in an urban area, you must also have an application for a felling permit, for which you must contact a representative of the local environmental board.